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Learning Mania: About Us

We have created Learning Mania to share our knowledge and information. Here, you will find a lot of knowledge and information in the field of computer science and technology. You will also find educational content here.

Computer science is the emerging field which is accountable for various technological invention that offers our life more comfortable to live. We can solve any problems by creating or giving logical operations to the computer system by virtue of which the computer system can solve the problems and give us results as output.

Since the computer system solves the problems by following a step-by-step procedure, that's the reason why we give the computer system instructions in order to solve the problems. 

This set of instructions written in a certain language which is understood by the computer system is called a program. These are computer programs which help the computer system in solving various problems.

Some of the different applications of computer science are: in the domain of e-business, in remote sensing and GIS (Geographic Information System), in multimedia and animation, in the field of bioinformatics, in health care, in the field of meteorology and climatology, in computer gaming, etc.

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