What makes the Dark Web Dangerous?

Hey, I know that you have heard about the Dark Web in the past and that is why you came here to know more about the Dark web. So, Let's learn something more about the Dark web in detail.

You will also come to know about the things that make Dark web so dangerous that it feels afraid of thinking about the dark web.

So, Why the dark web is not available just like the surface web? What are the things that make the dark web so dangerous that we feel afraid to dive into the dark web? Let's start with knowing what is dark web first.

What is Dark Web?

Dark web is the most dangerous part of the internet. Dark web is a subset of Deep Web. It is that part of the internet world that is not indexed in any of the search engines like Google, Bing, etc.


The dark web is that part of the worldwide web which is neither available on the search engine nor mostly people have the key to access it. The key to enter the dark web is only known to that person are on the dark web and who surfs the dark web.

You know if you want to access and surf on the dark web then you will need a secret key. This key will help you to go inside the dark web.

What makes the Dark Web dangerous?

Several illegal things are happening here on the dark web. It is not illegal to access the dark web but it is not also legal to surf the dark web. It is so because one will accidentally go to the undesired things after clicking on the link. It is the part of Deep Web.

Illegal things just like drug dealing, hiring shooters, human trafficking, child pornography, etc happens on the dark web. Wrong things are sold here on the dark web.

People are talking about pornography and paranormal activities on the dark web. There are no authorities that can stop the dark web. Unlike the Surface web, there are no such rules on the dark web.

The dark web is growing very fast. According to the internet, the size of the dark web is 7.5 petabytes in 2001 but within 2 years, the size of the dark web increased rapidly and in 2003, its size becomes 91000 petabytes.

Dark Web may be accessed by using Tor Browser ( The Onion Router) because the Tor browser hides the original IP of the computer system and it becomes difficult to trace the original IP of the computer system. 

Carding is very famous on the dark web. The details of the stolen credit cards are sold here on the dark web. Even more than, one can buy fake government IDs and passports very easily by giving some money.

The id card and passport will look the same as the original. Since, the dark web is illegal, hence all the transactions are processed here through Bitcoins because it cannot be traced by anyone.

Here, ghosts and spirits are also found to be sold by the seller from Thailand. The soul of the unborn baby and the soul of the baby who died before birth are sold here on the dark web. The journalists who are working against the government also access and surf the dark web anonymously so that they can be anonymous.

More than 2 lakhs websites are still available today on the dark web. It is also found that one seller is selling the wish pill. The seller claims that one who eats this magical wish pill, his wishes come true.

So, these are the various things which make the dark web very very dangerous. You should not try to go there without the proper knowledge about being anonymous fully. You should be protective because a single click on the dark web can even destroy you and your carrier.

Red Room in Dark Web

There is a website on the dark web in which torture is given to human beings and others enjoy seeing it. It is just like a room in which one has to pay first then he will enter the room.

The people here pay for torturing the others. Human organs are also sold here on the dark web. The body of live human beings are being cut here.

People here see the live torture by paying a few amounts of money in Bitcoin in the red room on the dark web. It is totally illegal.

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