What is Deep Web and Dark Web ?

What is Deep Web?

Some pages of the website are indexed on Google and any other search engine while others are not. The pages of websites that are indexed on Google and any other search engine are said to be on the Surface web. 

The pages of websites which are not indexed on Google and any other search engine is said to be on the deep web and even on the dark web. 

The pages of the Dark web are also not available in search engines. Deep Web is a place where Google cannot find anything.


The deep web is that part of the internet that is hidden and is not indexed on any of the search engines. For example, I made a website and there is one page created by me on the website such that I don't want that everybody reads it. 

The dark web is a subset of the Deep web and it is that part of the internet world which is also not indexed in any of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

On that page, there is a secret information that I want to share with only one person or a group of limited persons and not for others then  I will put it on the deep web. 

That one person or group of limited persons who wanted to access the page can access the page if and only if when they have the URL, username, and password of that page. This is what we call the deep web. 

We can only access the page on the deep web if we have the required URL, username, and password of the desired page.
Several databases of the companies, banking websites, and so on are on the deep web.

This is so because they don't want to share the databases outside the world. They want to share with some of the people. They share the username, password, and link of the page to whom they want to share.

The deep web is not indexed on Google and any other search engine. The deep web is hidden among a bundle of layers. The world of the internet that we see outside is very very very small. 

There are so many things present on the deep web that normal people can't access it because they don't have the URL of the page on the deep web.

In addition, the secret plans of the government that they don't want to share with the people, is also on the deep web. It is also called the invisible web or the hidden web of the internet.

It is so because the government wants to hide the secret plans and some secret information so that common people can't access it and know the facts. 

Deep web is legal but the Dark web is not legal. Somewhat is legal but there are different illegal things happening on the dark web that is the reason it makes illegal.

How to Access Deep Web?

You cannot access the dark web using normal web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. In order to access the deep web, you need to install an encrypted software like Tor browser.

The deep web is a safe place than that of the dark web. The deep web holds the content which is invisible to any of the search engines. 

For example: The content of one's personal email accounts and social media accounts, contents of one's online banking account, several companies private databases, various medical records, several legal documents, and so on.

Deep Web and the Dark Web may be accessed by using Tor Browser ( The Onion Router) because the Tor browser hides the original IP of the computer system and it becomes difficult to trace the original IP of the computer system. 

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